South Shore EB Train Delay

 Eastbound South Shore Train 15 scheduled to arrive in South Bend at 8:43 PM is running 15-20 minutes late due to late turn of crew & equipment and delays on Metra.

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Tracks Cleared Trains Running Behind

The vehicle that was stuck on the tracks east of Gary Station has been cleared. NICTD trains are on the move as followed:  Eastbound South Shore Train 109 scheduled to arrive in Michigan City at 4:21 PM is running 30-45 minutes late due to an obstruction blocking the tracks.  Westbound South Shore Train 118 scheduled to arrive in Chicago at 4:16 PM is running 45-60 minutes late due to an obstruction blocking the tracks.

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Car Stuck on Tracks Delays South Shore Line

A number of traffic tipsters have reported a car stuck on one of the rails the South Shore Trains run on.  According to NICTD, "there is a vehicle stuck on the tracks east of Gary Station. At this time we are waiting for the vehicle to be cleared of the tracks. West bound train 118 is being held at Miller Station and Train 109 is being held at Gary Metro Station."

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Backup NB Tri-State

A semi lost its trailer in the center lane of the northbound tri-state between the Bishop Ford and Halsted Street.  Westbound 80/94 traffic was backing up to Indianapolis Blvd.  3:50pm


SR-49 Ramp

The eastbound I-94 exit ramp onto State Rd. 49 (Chesterton exit) was closed for over two hours Tuesday afternoon as crews cleaned up a semi roll-over accident that happened on the ramp shortly before 2:30p.m. 

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