Lady Liberty's Little Sister is Back

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[Undated photo]
The Statue of Liberty stands again at Gateway Park in downtown Gary. The eight-foot-tall replica, reportedly blown off its pedestal at 4th and Broadway during a wind storm in the summer of 2008, returned this Spring, thanks to the efforts of a number of people, including Lake County Sheriff's Sgt. Mike Hamady, whose mother, who worked at US Steel Gary Works just down the road, asked him if it was still there. Hamady tells the Times he worked with county and city officials to track the statue down, and asked Gary Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson about it, who learned it was down for repairs and being stored in a building nearby. The copper statue is one of 200 Lady Liberty's Little Sisters distributed to cities around the state and the country between 1949 and 1951 by the Boy Scouts of America for the organization's 40th anniversary.
In northern Indiana, other Lady Liberty's Little Sisters statues were installed in Plymouth and South Bend outside the Marshall and St. Joseph County Courthouses.
[Photo/Restore Gary's Statue of Liberty Facebook page ]

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Beach Closing Delayed for Event

Areas of Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore national normally closed after sunset will remain open so the public can watch the Chesterton/Duneland Chamber of Commerce “Fireworks on the Lakefront” event staged off the coast of Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore and Indiana Dunes State Park on July 2.
The entire Lake Michigan shoreline in Porter County, east of the NIPSCO generating station, is within Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore and under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service. The park boundary extends 300 feet into the lake. The National Park Service says under current park regulations, this shoreline is closed to public use 30 minutes after sunset. In order to accommodate the fireworks event the shoreline from Dune Acres to Lake View will be open until 11:30 p.m. on July 2. Other park regulations, including the prohibition of the use of personal use fireworks on the beach and the prohibition of glass containers on the beach, will remain in effect.
More information from the National Park Service:
The following areas will remain open on July 2, 2013, until 11:30 p.m.:
·         Wabash Avenue parking lots and restrooms
·         Kemil access (East State Park Road) parking lots and restrooms
·         Dunbar parking lot and restroom
·         Lake View parking lot and restroom
·         Beach below the toe of the dune and park waters from the west end of West Road in Dune Acres to Lake View
All other closures and use limits in the 2013 Superintendent’s Compendium and 36 CFR remain unchanged. The public closure regulations remain in effect for all other areas of the park. The complete set of park regulations can be found on the park website
There are no fees charged for parking in National Park Service parking lots, but, parking is extremely limited and lots are expected to fill long before sunset.  
National Park Service personnel will be on duty during the event to provide law enforcement, emergency medical services, crowd control, parking management, and maintenance of National Park Service areas. The National Park Service is supporting this event by waiving the normal Special Use Permit requirements, including fees and cost recovery charges.
 If the fireworks event is rained out and rescheduled, the park’s open hours will not change on July 2, and the regulations as amended will apply to the rain date of July 5, 2013.
[Photo/Duneland Chamber of Commerce ]

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Lake Station Sobriety Checkpoint

The Lake County Traffic Safety Partnership will be conducting a Sobriety Check Point in the Lake Station area sometime this weekend. Drivers will need to show their license and registration and will be delayed for about two minutes unless there are signs of impairment from drug or alcohol usage.
Cedar Lake PD, Crown Point PD, Dyer PD, East Chicago PD, Griffith PD, Highland PD, Hobart PD, Lowell PD, Munster PD, New Chicago PD, Schererville PD, St. John PD

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South Shore Advisory for All Riders Friday

SShore Logo Tag
Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District Advisory for FRIDAY JUNE 28 2013:
Because of the Blackhawks’ Celebration alcohol is prohibited on ALL trains.
We encourage eastbound passengers to board South Shore trains at Van Buren or Millennium Station. Museum Campus/11th St. station is not designed to handle the eastbound
crowds we’re expecting.
At Van Buren Street Station South Shore passengers must board trains from TRACK 2 platform between the hours of NOON and 3:20 p.m.
We will add cars to off-peak trains and will provide an extra westbound train in Train 14’s time slot and an extra eastbound train early in the afternoon to address overcrowding. We have scheduled as much extra service as we can given our fleet size and manpower.
Passengers should expect very crowded conditions, especially on eastbound trains departing Chicago after 12:00 noon on Friday. During the Blackhawks celebration in 2010 daily ridership surged from 12,000 to 21,000 passengers.
NICTD Website:

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More Storms, More Damage, Outages

LaPorte 6.26.13 2 WinCE
NIPSCO Crews making repairs in La Porte County Wednesday
Another round of strong storms brought additional power outages to the Region Thursday night, with the Highland, Hammond, Munster area especially hard hit. NIPSCO says an additional 28-thousand customers in their service territory lost electricity. Crews have been working around the clock making repairs since earlier this week, when 105-thousand customers were impacted by severe weather. Assessment teams were out last night, and NIPSCO says fallen trees had to be cleared from lines before significant power restoration efforts can ramp up early today [Friday morning.]
NIPSCO Outage Map:
Kankakee Valley REMC says about 3,000 of their members in Lake, Porter and LaPorte County experienced a power outage due to the Thursday evening storm that affected a NIPSCO transmission line that feeds two of REMC's substations.

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Highland PD Investigating Armed Robbery

Highland Police
Police in Highland are investigating an armed robbery that took place just before noon on Wednesday. Authorities report a female entered Doctor's Pharmacy in the 27-hundred block of Highway Avenue at approximately 11:46am, and reportedly handed the clerk a note demanding narcotics and cash, and then displayed a handgun tucked inside her pants. Police say after the clerk complied, the suspect fled on foot. The suspect is described as a very thin white woman, in her mid 20's to mid 30's, weighing approximately 120-pounds, wearing a black baseball hat, gray camouflage hooded sweatshirt, a bright orange colored tank top, and black pants. Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact the Highland Police Department at (219) 838-3184....

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Operation Dry Water Campaign this Weekend

Indiana Conservation Police
This weekend Indiana Conservation Officers will be out in force in lakes and rivers for a boating under the influence detection and enforcement campaign. Conservation Officer Jake Carlile says Operation Dry Water, June 28th through the 30th, is aimed at reducing the number of alcohol-related accidents and fatalities, and to foster a stronger and more visible deterrent to alcohol use on the water.
Nationally, 17-percent of boating fatalities involve alcohol use, and in 2012, there were 62 boating accidents in Indiana involving 22 injuries and two fatalities.
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Coats Statement on Senate Passed Immigration Legislation

Senator Dan Coats
WASHINGTON, DC – Senator Dan Coats (R-Ind.), ranking Republican on the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Homeland Security, issued the following statement regarding Senate passage of comprehensive immigration reform legislation:
“The American people deserve an immigration system that is fair, effective and delivers on past promises to secure our nation’s borders. While there are some good measures in this legislation, the bill does not avert the fundamental mistake of the 1986 immigration reform act – granting legal status with only promises, not proven results, of border security. In order to obtain the trust of the American people, this legislation needs to ensure real results on securing our borders before beginning the path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.
“As the son of an immigrant and the ranking Republican on the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Homeland Security, I will continue working for immigration reform, border security and other measures to successfully address the flow of illegal immigration. I hope the House of Representatives will come forward with alternative legislation that is more credible than what the Senate passed today.”
The Senate passed the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act (S.744) in a vote of 68 to 32.
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Donnelly Statement on Senate Passed Immigration Legislation

Washington, D.C. –Senator Joe Donnelly released the following statement after the Senate passed bipartisan immigration reform legislation, S. 744, the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act, with a vote of 68 to 32.
“The immigration system in our country is clearly not working.  Today, our broken system has resulted in a policy of de facto amnesty for 11 million undocumented immigrants living in our country illegally.  Like all Hoosiers, I believe citizenship is a privilege, and I have long argued that effective immigration reform requires strong borders, strict laws that punish those who break the rules, and a tough process for those who want to earn the opportunity for citizenship.
“This afternoon, I supported the bipartisan legislation before the Senate because it would create a practical policy that strengthens our borders, protects and grows our economy, and holds accountable those who have broken the law.  At the core of this bill is a bipartisan proposal, which I helped introduce, that would enact the strongest border security measures in our nation’s history. The plan would double the size of our border patrol, construct 700 miles of fencing, invest in the tools and technologies necessary to stop the flow of illegal immigration, and require all employers to use the E-Verify system to ensure they hire legal workers.  At the same time, the bill would require undocumented immigrants who have broken the law to register with the government, pay taxes and fines, learn English, and go to the back of the line.
“The United States has a rich tradition built upon the hard work of immigrant citizens.  While today’s bill is not perfect, it would create a responsible policy and fair process that will allow this tradition to continue. My focus is always on what is best for Hoosier workers, middle class families, and business owners.  By strengthening our borders and ending de facto amnesty, I think we also strengthen our state and our country’s economic future.”


This bill would require those living in this country with de facto amnesty to meet the following requirements to reach provisional status, only after DHS notifies Congress that the border security and fencing strategies are underway:
·         have not been convicted of certain criminal offenses, including a felony or three or more separate misdemeanors;
·         pay all assessed Federal taxes;
·         submit biometric data (fingerprints and photographs)
·         pass a background check; and
·         pay application processing fees and a $1,000 fine per adult.
Limit Federal Benefits: 
·         Those with provisional status would not be eligible for Federal means-tested benefits including non-emergency Medicaid, CHIP, SSI, SNAP, and TANF.
·         No immigrant could claim Social Security credit for periods while they were working illegally.
·         Under this bill, HHS could not grant waivers to states to allow them to use TANF dollars to give cash assistance to people with provisional status.

Must Renew Provisional Status After 6 Years:   Initial provisional status would be valid for 6 years, at which point the immigrant would need to apply for an extension.  Also, this bill would require the immigrant to:
·         demonstrate continued eligibility,
·         pay application processing fees, and
·         demonstrate proof of regular employment or enrollment in a qualifying educational program.
Provisional Status Not Guaranteed and Can Be Revoked at Any Time:  Provisional status can be revoked if an immigrant fails to meet the eligibility requirements.  

After 10 years of provisional status and only if the border security conditions are satisfied, those with provisional status can apply to be permanent residents if they:
·         continue to meet criteria for provisional status,
·         meet employment or education requirements,
·         prove that they are learning English,
·         register for the draft (if applicable), and
·         pay application processing fees and a $1,000 fine per adult.
Back of the Line Requirement:  No one with provisional status would be able to apply for permanent residency until immigrant visas have become available for all approved employment- and family-based petitions in the visa queue backlog.
The bill would require immigrants pursuing citizenship to work through a no less than 13-year process.  Immigrants who are approved for permanent resident status can apply for U.S. citizenship no less than 3 years after reaching permanent residency status.

Under this bill, before DHS could begin to process immigrants’ applications for provisional status, DHS must notify Congress that it has developed and started to implement a Border Security Strategy and Fencing Strategy. 

After 10 years, immigrants with provisional status could apply for green cards only if the Secretary of Homeland Security in consultation with the Attorney General, the Secretary of Defense, the DHS Inspector General, and the Comptroller General certify to Congress and the President that the following five security and enforcement measures have been implemented:
·         The Border Security Strategy is deployed and operational including at a minimum full implementation and activation of $4.5 billion in specific technology and equipment requested by the Border Patrol to achieve full surveillance of the border.
·         No fewer than 38,405 trained full-time active duty Border Patrol agents are deployed and maintained along the Southern Border (an increase of 20k over the existing 18k agents already deployed).
·         No fewer than 700 miles of pedestrian fencing are in place on the Southern Border (350 miles more than existing 350 miles).
·         E-Verify is mandatory for all employers.
·         DHS has implemented an electronic biographical exit/entry system at all international air and sea ports of entry within the United States where CBP and Border Patrol officers are stationed.
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LaPorte PD Wanted Person of the Week Anthony Carter

Anthony Carter
(Photo Courtesy of the LaPorte Police Dept)
Police in LaPorte are seeking the public's help in locating their wanted person of the week, 21 year old Anthony Carter. Police say Carter is currently wanted for felony theft and is described as a black male, 5'07”, with black hair and brown eyes. Anyone who knows of his immediate whereabouts is encouraged to call 9-1-1, LaPorte Police at (219) 362-9446, or LaPorte County Metro Operations at (219) 325-9022, and you can remain anonymous.
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