Lake Co Master Gardeners 2012

From Lake County Master Gardeners Association:

December 27, 2011

Lake County Master Gardeners Upcoming Events

Crown Point – Lawn and gardening events in the near future capture the attention of individuals delighted with the recent warm weather with a chance to work in the yard. Recently, Lake County Master Gardeners Association elected a new board of directors: Sandy Evans, Sheree Japchinski, Peter Kesheimer, Kathy Kick, Judy Kopchik, Treasurer, Julia Laumeyer, Linda Lerch, Sharon Taylor-Raduchel, President, Donnee Smith, Bill Tobin, Vice-President, Eileen Truby, Secretary, and Sue Wallace, begin their terms in January, 2012, meeting the third Friday of each month at the Purdue Extension Office. In mid December LCMG members met with Plant Sale Chairman, Kathy Kick, to decide which native plants to select, based on last year’s sales. To promote more interest Tri-Town Safety Village, centrally located in Lake County, will be the site for the annual plant sale May 12. In addition, a garden walk meeting January 11, 2012, will encourage Lake County residents north of Route 30 to show their gardens to others to share planting ideas June 23, 2012. A new Master Gardeners class starts January 19, 2012, from 5:30-8:30 pm each Thursday until April 19, 2012, at the Purdue Extension Office (755-3240) for $175. The Porter County Master Gardeners will have their bulb and seed exchange show on January 21,2012, 8-4 pm at the Porter County Expo Center with a ticket price of $10. Luanne Troxel acts as volunteer coordinator for the project.