impossible question

Impossible Question January 15th, 2013

Q ..... This historic Football match up was first played in January at Chicago's Wrigley Field?
A .......The Pro Bowl

Impossible Question January 8th & 9th 2013

Q ..... The Lone Ranger was the first TV show to what?


Impossible Question January 7th, 2013

Q ..... My name originally described a volley of musket fire?

A ...... A Blizzard.


Impossible Question January, 4th 2013

Q .....I am mother and father, I'm rarely still, but I never wonder. What am I?

A..... a Tree.


Impossible Question December 28th, 2012

Q ..... NFL Referees stopped using this equipment in the 1980 season, because it was no longer needed?
A...... Gun to signal the end of a quarter.

Impossible Question December 27th, 2012

Q ..... Who did President Obama beat out to make the Guinness Book of World records this year?
A.....  Justin Bieber.  The President had the most Re-Tweeted Tweet of all time on election day

Impossible Question December 21st, 2012

Q .....It has exactly 216 noodles?

A..... There are exactly 216 noodles in every can of Campbell’s chicken noodle soup.



Impossible Question December 18th 2012

Q .... Name the animal they take into church on Christmas Eve in Belize as a symbol of the animal that announced the arrival of Jesus?
A .... A Rooster

Impossible Question December 17th, 2012

Q .... A co-worker is most likely to give this kind of gift?

A..... A Regift


Today is National Regifting Day. Regifters reveal co-workers as one of the most likely recipients of their regifts. Therefore, National Regifting Day was created in honor of holiday office parties and the "unique" gifts exchanged there. Bring a gift out of the supply closet and turn your office gift exchange into a regifting party


Impossible Question December 14th 2012.

Q ..... What celebrity and real life Scrooge actually died on Christmas Day?

A .....  W.C. Fields


Impossible Question December 13th, 2012

Q ..... What do you have in December that you don't have in any other month?

(A .....The letter "D"


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