impossible question

Impossible Question December 10th, 2012

Q ..... Your Tongue is the part of you body that is the fastest at what?

A ......Healing.


Impossible Question December 7th 2012

Q ..... What is the most popular name people give to a car?, an online buyer's guide to new and used cars, has released the results of a survey that show what people name their cars. The most popular name among the respondents of the survey was “Beast.” Other popular names include: Batmobile, Betsy, Big Red, Christine, Lucy, Penny and Silver Bullet.


The Impossible Question December 6th 2012

Q ..... This type of surgery happen most at Christmas Time.
A ..... Brest Implants.

Impossible Question December 5th, 2012

Q .....  Name the Chicago Bear that was Saved by the Bell?

A ..... Jim Harbaugh was on the show.


Today in Country Music History November 30th, 2012

Q .... Sony Once sold 700,000 Camcorders with this Desired Defect?
A .... They could see Thur clothing!

Impossible Question November 29th, 2012

Q ..... Name the person who became a billionaire while in Pirson?

A ..... Martha Stewart became a billionaire while in prison.


Impossible Question November 28th, 2012

Q ..... This ancient structure was built with lottery money?
 A ..... The Great Wall of China

Impossible Question November 27th, 2012

Q ....Brandy was once a key component in what instrument?
A ....A Thermometer.

Impossible Question November 26th, 2012

Q .... This Toy Hall of Fame inductee will once again this year be the most popular Item under the Tree?
A ..... Cardboard Box

Impossible Question November 20th, 2012

Q.... Primitive versions of me date to ancient times.In 1909, an electric version of me debuted. You can find me in 80% of American homes.

A.... Toaster



Impossible Question November 19th, 2012

Q ..... What is the most Germ-Riddled spot in a Restaurant?

A ..... The Chairs


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