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Impossible Question for June 18th, 2012

Q .....This Vegetable can and has doubled as a canteen?

A ..... A Watermelon .... is a VEGETABLE! It is from the botanical family Cucurbitaceae and is most closely related to cucumbers, pumpkins and squash. The watermelon is composed of 92% water and early explorers often used hollowed out watermelons as canteens.


Impossible Question For June 12th, 2012

Q ..... What Smell makes us the Happiest?
A ..... Fresh Cut Grass


It is smells that remind us of home that bring us the most happiness, conjuring up treasured memories to make us feel utterly content. Nostalgic scents of freshly washed sheets, cut grass and home baking are people’s favorite fragrances, a survey has revealed. Comfortable, domestic smells of cooking or our mother's perfume can whisk us back to a forgotten childhood world in seconds.

1. Cut grass
2. Aftershave
3. Freshly cleaned house
4. Baking
5. Sunday roast
6. Fresh flowers
7. Fresh linen
8. Hairspray
9. Bacon
10. Leather



Impossible Question For June 13th, 2012

Q ..... The Value of this Non-Paying Job is $36,757 this year?
A ..... Dad ... Happy Early Father's Day


As Father’s Day approaches this weekend, it’s time to take stock of what dads do for their families beyond just bringing home a paycheck. Alas, the household chores they tend to do aren't worth as much as the sweat equity moms put in at home year round, according to two recent reports. calculated what they deemed to be daddy duties, including things such as barbecuing, killing bugs and mowing the lawn. The study found the domestic tasks would total about $20,248 a year if they were paid work. That compared to $60,182 annually for moms for doing things such as cooking, cleaning and nursing wounds. The value of the work was based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics for how much similar jobs out in the real work world would pay. Another study by found that the value of what working dads do at home is actually rising. The company looked at online responses from nearly 3,000 dads who reported on the number of hours they put into tasks at home, including everything from cooking to driving kids around, and found the value of what the dads did jumped to $36,757 this year from $33,858 the previous year. A previous study of work done by working moms found what the moms do at home is valued at $66,979, compared to $63,471 in 2011. The dads in’s sampling were doing more laundry this year, about 1.4 hours, compared to 1.2 hours in 2011; but they cut back on their kitchen time, from 2.7 hours to 2.2 hours.
Here's a rundown on what working dads do at home and the value of their household tasks from
Cook – 2.2 hours - $1,502
Van driver – 3.2 hours - $2,304
Facilities manager – 3.5 hours - $5,801
CEO – 3.7 hours - $10.594
Day care teacher – 2.5 hours - $1,681
Psychologist – 2.2 hours - $4,219
Laundry machine operator – 1.4 hours - $718
Groundskeeper – 2.9 hours - $1,929
Maintenance worker – 4.2 hours - $3,035
Computer operator – 6.2 hours - $4,976
TOTAL SALARY – 32.0 hours - $36,757


Impossible Question June 11th, 2012

Q .... Do this for 10 minutes before you go to bed and it will help you sleep on a Hot summer night?
A .... Soak your feat in cool water to lower your body temp.


Impossible Question June 8th, 2012

Q ..... Who is "The Jerry Lewis of Germany" ?
A ..... Donald Duck "The Jerry Lewis of Germany", a reference to American star Jerry Lewis's popularity in France.[21] Donald's dialogue in German comics tends to be more sophisticated and philosophical, he "quotes from German literature, speaks in grammatically complex sentences

Impossible Queistion June 7th, 2012

Q .... This Company began with a coin Flip?

Impossible Question June 5th, 2012

Q .... What was the first thing tracked by Barcode?

Impossible Question for June 1st, 2012.

Q.... What was the first food to get it's own Month?
A ...  National Donut Month.

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