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Ind Dept of Homeland Sec: Don't Forget About Pets During Winter Storms

The Indiana Department of Homeland Security says during a winter storm, it may be easy to forget the needs of pets. However, companion animals, especially those who are kept outdoors, should frequently be checked on to ensure their safety. If pets are kept outdoors, provide them with a form of shelter. Heated shelters, such as garages, are preferable.
Give pets fresh water frequently, and have a heat source, if possible, to prevent freezing. Monitor indoor pets when letting them outside. Pets can get cold quickly, so limit their exposure outdoors. Cover their paws and other exposed skin if possible.
Shovel a path for pets to go outside, especially small pets that may have difficulty in deep snow. State officials say if you come upon a cold dog, warm him or her up slowly then get the dog to a veterinarian, if possible, immediately.
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