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Impossible Question February 6th, 2013

Q .... Children who view this movie can boost their grades?


Sure, Harry Potter is famous for his supernatural powers, but did you know that watching him can magically boost your kids’ grades? Children who viewed a 15-minute Harry Potter film clip featuring magic – anything from wands being wielded to brooms being ridden – scored much higher on creativity tests than their peers who viewed scenes without magic, a recent study found. Fantasy improves kids’ academic performance by encouraging out-of-the-box thinking, the researchers found.


Impossible Question February 5th, 2013

Q ..... Who was the first Celebrity King at the Mardi Gras?
A ...... Louis Armstrong

Impossible Question January 31st, 2013

Q .... This unwanted work activity is now proven to make workers more porductive?

A ..... Playing games like Solitaire, Hearts or Free Cell at work isn’t a time waster – in fact, research shows it makes you more effective at your job. Researchers found that employees who play on the job not only have better problem-solving and decision-making skills, they also have less stress and a brighter mood – factors that boost productivity. And because stress impairs mental ability, computer games like these keep you sharp


Impossible Question January 30th, 2013

Q ..... What book was once owned by only the wealthy,  You can't buy it in a bookstore or take it from a library.

A .......Telephone Book.


Impossible Question January 29th, 2013

A ..... This has happen to 90% of us on Super Bowl Sunday?

Q ..... We have lost a bet.


Impossible Question January 28th, 2013

Q..... Use this toline the crisper drawers in your refrigerator. It'll protect delicate fruits -- like pears -- from bruising when you toss them in.

A .....Use bubble wrap to line the crisper drawers in your refrigerator. It'll protect delicate fruits -- like pears -- from bruising when you toss them in.


Impossible Question January 25th, 2013

Q ..... Why do people take a ladder to a Mardi Gras Parade?
A ...... As a High safe seat for children.

Impossible Question January 23rd, 2013

Q ...... Take a leather pouche and  stuff it with wool or animal hair and what do yo have?

A ..... Early tennis balls were leather pouches stuffed with wool or animal hair.


Impossible Question January 21st, 2013

Q ......According to NASA, it's the thing astronauts miss the most?

A ......Pizza.



Impossible Question January 17th, 2012

Q ..... On average you use 57 a day.

A ..... Sheets of Toilet Paper.


Impossible Question January 16th, 2013

Q .....A boy was born in 1955. He just had his 18th birthday today. How did that happen?

A.......1955 is not the year he was born; it was the hospital room he was born in


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