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I have been the host of the Indiana 105 Dawn Patrol for the Last 15 years. I originally hail from Louisiana, but have lived in Indiana since 1983. So at this point I think it is safe to say I'm a Hoosier. However I will always be a New Orleans Saints Fan, no matter what kind of trouble they may get into. My man cave is called the Voodoo Lounge Deux. The Original Voodoo Lounge was taken out by what was left of Hurricane Ike a few years back. The center piece of the Voodoo Lounge Deux is my hot sauce collection. Some people collect coffee mugs on vacation, I collect Hot Sauce. The Sauce of choice right now is brewed in Northwest Indiana by the Scoffeld Brothers. Be very careful with the Heavy Metal Sauce. However my favorite is a sauce from Barbados called Delish Bajan Sauce. Very hard to find. If you are going to Barbados and can hook a brother up......

My wife Colleen and I were married in 2000. Her grandmother used to own Ma Cole's dinner for all you old timers. And yes we met on the the radio. She was my first winner with Movie trivia 15 years ago. We have helped to for a new Theatre Company that raises money for charity. The Valparaiso Theatrical Company give 60% of every ticket sold back to a 501C3 charity. We have two sons and 4 grand children.

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How to Lose a Quarter pound a day and lose 20lbs by the first day of Spring

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One pound equals 3500 calories; so, to lose 1 pound the body must burn 3500 calories. One Quarter pound is 875 calories, In addition, according to researchers at the University of Tennessee Medical Center, the minimum safe caloric intake for women is 1200 and 1500 calories for men.

Multiply your current weight by 15. This is the total number of calories you can consume per day to maintain your current weight


Weight 200lbs

200 x 15 = 3000

3000 - 875 = 2125

In this case if you eat less that 2000 calories a day for the next 80 days you should lose 20lbs by this first week of spring.

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