The Dawn Patrol’s 105 Days of Summer!

We’re back with The 105 Days of Summer!!! Join the Indiana 105 Dawn Patrol as we dust off the kiddie pool and hit the road! We’ll have giveaways and a lot of fun!  If you want to invite us to your event, feel free to let us know!!!  Who knows, we might just stop by!  Send us an Email, let us know on Facebook, or give us a call at 219.462.6111!  Be sure to check back to see where we’ve been!

The Dawn Patrol’s Impossible Question Monday mornings at 7:12. Be Listening To Win Your $20 Gift Card to Brick Street Burrito in Valpo.

May 28th #IMPOSSIBLEQUESTION: Almost One Third Of All Of These Purchased Will NOT Be Used For It’s Original Purpose. What? (Swimsuits)