Humane Indiana Says Young Bald Eagle Needing Extra Care Released Back to His Nest

(Photo provided)

Humane Indiana says a bald eagle recently spent 21 days at the Humane Indiana Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center before going back to his nest in South Bend. The nonprofit says the release occurred a couple weeks ago after he cleared his last health check-up “with flying colors.” The photo above is from the release. In June, he fell out of his nest and it was determined he needed evaluation. After three weeks of care, Humane Indiana Wildlife says the bald eagle affectionately known as The Little Eagle that Could, Itty or Tiny, was able to join his parents within 30 seconds of his crate door opening, returning to the ND Leef nest he called home, and one of his siblings happily greeted him and flew back with him. He weighed over 6.5 lbs. at the time of release and was able to fly without any issues.

“He needed some assistance and support,” said Humane Indiana Wildlife director Nicole Harmon. “It was a privilege to be able to provide him a helping hand in getting better.”

To contribute to the cost and care of wildlife like the bald eagle, officially named ND17 when he was taken in temporarily for care, donations can be made at . More than 10,000 animals come in for services or care at a given time. “With your help, we can continue to help wildlife live healthy lives,” said the news release from Humane Indiana Wildlife.

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