Humane Indiana Wildlife Announces Winner in Contest to Name Newsletter

In Valparaiso, Humane Indiana Wildlife ran a contest to pick a name for their upcoming newsletter that will give a behind the scenes look at their education center. The center chose, “The Wild Side” which was submitted by JoAnne Baranowski of Highland. She wins tickets to Humane Indiana’s fall event Festival of Owls along with other Humane Indiana gifts. “We had so many wonderful ideas submitted, but we absolutely loved JoAnne’s entry,” says Nicole Harmon, director of Humane Indiana Wildlife. “It was fun, playful, and covered the wild and all-encompassing work we do for thousands of injured or orphaned wildlife native to Indiana.” Last year, 3,000 native wild animals found their way to the rehabilitation center, a 32-percent increase in admissions over 2019. Some animals require veterinary visits, treatments, and medication, and all require species-specific daily food until their health is restored and it’s safe for them to be released back to their natural environment. Humane Indiana Wildlife also provides learning opportunities for all ages, along with camps throughout the year for school-aged children. For more information visit  .