Free Workshop at IUN on Starting Seeds Outdoors in the Winter

In Gary, IU Northwest’s Center for Urban and Regional Excellence (CURE) begins the new year with new spring courses on a variety of topics including gardening. The nonprofit free and low-cost courses are meant to assist people of all ages gain skills and enrich their lives.

The offerings include, IUN Community Garden: Winter Sowing Workshop

11 a.m. to 1 p.m., Saturday, February 5
In-Person Session at IU Northwest
Registration Deadline: noon, February 4
Free and open to adults of all ages

Join Dolly Foster, accredited horticulturalist, for a hands-on, in-person session and learn how to start seeds outdoors this winter. Best for seeds that need cold stratification in order to germinate, winter sowing takes advantage of the natural temperatures and length of day to trigger seeds to sprout. The advantages of winter sowing are many. The course description says germination rates are usually quite high, there’s no need for seed trays or grow lights, and there’s no worrying about seedlings drying out or needing to treat soil for damping-off disease. Participants should come prepared with a clean, 1-gallon plastic milk or water jug and wearing clothing that can get dirty – all other materials will be supplied, including a limited selection of seeds. Register online at: .