Master Gardeners Recognized at Lake County Banquet

The Purdue Extension – Lake County Master Gardener Program recently recognized several volunteers during their Fall Banquet. Twice a year awards are presented to volunteers that have qualified either for Certification, Advanced, Bronze, Silver, or Gold badges.

The following are the names and awards received:
• Master Gardener – Margie Boss, Jeannine Dabertin, Donna Hannon, Joyce Lichtenfeld, Sue Reiter, Fred Robinson, Ron Rutledge, Pam Schopp-Young
• Advanced Master Gardener – George Bates, Monica Hoffman, Betsy Hunt, Linda Kasianchuk, Mark Kenney, Carole Ladwig, Barbara Lander, Merridith Ryan-Karpen, William Skopelja
• Bronze – Joanna Drackert, Jeanne Luers, Cathy Misch, Mark Sanders, Veronica Williams
• Silver badge – Elaine Hough, Diane Shaw
• Gold 1,000/100 – Kathy Bartley, Mike Catchur, Kathleen Coleman
• Golden Shovel Award – Sharon Taylor-Raduchel

The banquet was held on Wednesday, October 26, 2016 at Teibel’s Restaurant.