Additional Assistance Arriving for Many Hoosier Families via the ‘Pandemic EBT’ Program

The Indiana Family and Social Services Administration announced today that families whose children receive free or reduced-cost meals at school will receive “Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer” benefits beginning this week. The benefits are meant to reimburse the families for the cost of meals that their children were unable to receive due to COVID-19-related school closures. Families who do not currently receive SNAP will receive an electronic benefits transfer card in the mail by the end of May, along with instructions on how to activate it. Families who already receive SNAP benefits will have the additional benefits applied to their SNAP accounts on their Hoosier Works EBT card by the end of May. The Indiana Department of Education calculated an average of 56 missed days of school through the end of the school year, including spring break, for Indiana students, since March 13th.