Audubon Great Lakes Reminds Beachgoers to ‘Share the Shore’

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As birds are returning to beaches along the Great Lakes to nest or rest during their migration, Audubon Great Lakes is calling on beachgoers to help make beaches safer for birds by avoiding their nesting/resting areas. The nonprofit is encouraging people to #ShareTheShore and give birds at least 100 feet of distance. “Share the Love, Share the Shore” is Audubon’s effort to protect federally and state-threatened shorebirds that depend on local beaches to nest successfully. Every May–August, vulnerable species like the Piping Plover raise chicks on the shores of the Great Lakes – and Audubon Great Lakes says these chicks weigh less than a scoop of ice cream.  “We know our communities love the beach—now it’s time to share the love with our beach birds by giving them the space they need to nest and raise their little chicks/rest and fuel up for their long migration,” said Glen Moss, President of Lake County Audubon Society working to protect piping plovers in Waukegan, Illinois. Click here for the full article.