City of Valparaiso Updates Neighborhood Toolkit

The City of Valparaiso says it has refreshed its Neighborhood Toolkit, a helpful resource to neighborhood groups looking to organize, host events, partner with the city on projects, and more. “The Toolkit has been so well received that we wanted to enhance and update – now with even more information on city programs, neighborhood advocacy and team building,” said Maggie Clifton, Valparaiso’s Community Engagement Director. “This guide is an excellent resource for neighborhood groups just getting started or existing groups looking to increase engagement,” Clifton said. The announcement from the city said the Toolkit includes ideas for how to inspire neighborhoods, including ways for neighbors to be healthier, more environmentally friendly, and more engaged. The Toolkit also includes a comprehensive section of city services that support neighborhoods, a neighborhood directory and information on the Neighborhood Grant Program which provides funding for neighborhood-based projects that offer community-wide benefit. “Connecting neighbors to each other and to city services is a top priority for the City of Valparaiso. Our Community Engagement Department is committed to providing these resources, connecting neighborhoods and encouraging community unity and pride,” said Valparaiso Mayor Matt Murphy. The Toolkit is available at . Paper copies of the Toolkit are also available. To receive a copy and learn more about neighborhood resources, contact Community Engagement Director Maggie Clifton at City Hall, 219-462-1161.