Indiana Senate Democratic Caucus Wants to Put Hoosier Voices First in 2018

Tomorrow, the Indiana General Assembly will reconvene for the 2018 legislative session.  The Senate Democratic Caucus reports they will officially get to work on their mission: INvision 20/20 to put Hoosier voices first and make Hoosier votes count.  Senate Democrats report that during this session, they will be focusing on expanding access to voting, putting a hate crimes law on the books, raising the minimum wage and implementing a family leave program.

“My caucus is ready and prepared to get to work in 2018,” Sen. Lanane said.  “We have laid out priorities and we are going to work diligently to see that those bills are approved.  Hoosiers deserve to have their voices heard and have their votes count; and that’s what the Senate Democrats are fighting for.”

Senate Democrats also want to know what issues Hoosiers are most concerned about and encourage you to take their legislative survey so they can hear your voice.

For a link to the survey, click here.