“Mask Up Hoosiers” Initiative Highlights COVID-19 Safety

The Indiana State Department of Health announced a statewide initiative to raise awareness of wearing masks in public as the novel coronavirus persists in Indiana and around the nation. The “Mask Up Hoosiers” initiative has launched, with videos and photos of state government leaders, celebrities, and Hoosiers from all walks of life sharing their heartfelt reasons for wearing a mask in public, which is one of the strongest steps possible to limit the spread of COVID-19. Indiana State Health Commissioner, Dr. Kristina Box says masks are saving lives in Indiana and allowing the state to continue its phased re-opening.

“The Fairbanks study found that 43 percent of Hoosiers who tested positive had no symptoms at the time”, Box said.

“I know it’s an inconvenience and that masks are uncomfortable in the summertime, but I promise you, it’s worth it, because you might save someone’s life”.

While the state is not mandating the use of masks, pausing the state’s reopening until July 18th does mean that wearing masks in public remain “highly recommended” by the state of Indiana. Governor Eric Holcomb encourages all Hoosiers to participate in the “Mask Up Hoosiers” initiative by downloading a poster, taking a selfie and posting to social media with #MaskUpHoosiers.