Salvation Army Bell Ringing Underway, “Counter Kettles” Available

Salvation Army, Lake County, Director of Development Kevin Feldman in studio for Region Newsmakers. With him is a “counter kettle” that smaller-sized businesses can request (photo by Laura Waluszko)

The season for Salvation Army bell ringing has begun across the Region and volunteer opportunities are available throughout the season.  Additionally, there’s a smaller version of the kettle that businesses can request — a counter kettle — that smaller businesses in the Region — without as much room outside or inside — can have out and be part of the Salvation Army’s Red Kettle campaign. They look like the traditional large kettles, but they’re about a foot tall or so, and meant to sit on a counter. Salvation Army Lake County Director of Development Kevin Feldman told us during Region Newsmakers when it gets filled up call the Salvation Army to pick it up so they can replace it with another – plus, businesses can do that all year round, not just November and December.

This year’s goal for Red Kettle donations in Lake County is the same as last year – 500-thousand dollars. Feldman stressed the importance of volunteering through the holiday season, noting many shifts go unfilled each year, and they can’t have a kettle out there without a volunteer. Families and groups can sign up and do their volunteer shift in ‘shifts’.

To volunteer visit registertoring-dot-com, put in your ZIP code and it will show the different locations and available shifts. He said last year less than a third of the time slots available for volunteers were filled.  You can hear more at Region Newsmakers here at our website and via the Region Newsmakers link at regionnewsteam-dot-com.