Cline Avenue Bridge Marks One-Year Anniversary, Serves One Million Vehicles

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In Lake County, it was just over a year ago that the new Cline Avenue Bridge opened to motorists, providing a direct route between Northwest Indiana and Chicago. The toll bridge in East Chicago also celebrated another milestone in December — its one-millionth vehicle. In its first year since opening, Cline Avenue Bridge says it has made the surrounding area more accessible to businesses, residents, and potential residents while reestablishing transport connectivity, spurring economic growth, and alleviating congestion. Additionally, the bridge provides ten cents from every collected toll to the City of East Chicago, contributing an added source of funding to help the city advance its initiatives.  “We are excited to celebrate the milestone of serving over one million customers,” said Terry Velligan, general manager of operations at Cline Avenue Bridge. “When we first opened one year ago after an 11-year absence, our goal was to reconnect Lake County with the rest of the state and serve as the Gateway of Lake County once again. The fact that the Cline Avenue Bridge is used as a primary route into and out of Northwest Indiana for many commuters, commercial drivers, and the trucking industry is evidence that we have started achieving our goal. One million trips across the Cline Avenue Bridge tells us we are meeting a real need in the Region. We want to thank all our customers and reinforce that we have a continued commitment to be of great service to Lake County.”