Link to Interactive Overview Map of Valparaiso Infrastructure Projects

In Valparaiso, the city is sharing what it called aggressive plans to enhance infrastructure, including roadways, alleys, sidewalks and pathways. The city also said 2022 will see the enhancement of more linear feet of alley than any other year in recent history. And, some notable pedestrian projects include the addition of three blocks of sidewalks along Center Street which a news release from the Mayor’s Office said will make travel to school safer for students, and initiating a new pathway along Harrison Boulevard from Ogden Gardens west, which is ultimately designed to reach Froberg Road, with construction advancing annually. Here is a link to the full news release. In addition, “Led by progressive student interns, the City of Valparaiso has introduced an interactive overview map of City infrastructure projects for the season. To view roadway, sidewalk, pathway and alley enhancements planned for this season, visit .”