New Respite Center Planned for Opportunity Enterprises

Opportunity Enterprises has announced plans to build a new respite center on their Lakeside property in Porter County. While the organization does offer respite care in Merrillville and Liberty Township, those facilities are often at capacity and have long waiting lists. Board member, Marc Ruiz says more respite care is desperately needed in The Region.

“We plan to break ground on this new respite center in the spring of 2022”, Ruiz said.

“The project includes an 18,000-square-foot, furnished building, 21 overnight beds, a large living space, a rec room, a basement and a sensory room.  It’s going to be a state-of-the-art, amazing facility.”

Opportunity Enterprises President and CEO, Neil Samahon says respite centers can offer temporary relief for families and caregivers who live with or care for someone with a disability.

“Their loved one may need hands-on care with feeding, bathing and supervision at all hours of the day and night”, Samahon said.

“The pressure of providing this level of care to your loved one for their entire life can be quite overwhelming.  We can give them time to care for themselves.  For other families–whose loved one is self sufficient–respite can serve as a place for an individual to go where they have an opportunity to gain independence, grow relationships and experience all our community can offer.”

The total cost of the new respite-care facility is four-point-seven million dollars. For more information about the new Lakeside Respite facility, click here.