Valparaiso Arborists Certified

The City of Valparaiso’s Tree Division of arborists maintains the City’s urban forest. The City’s Arborist Team includes, left to right, Anthony Santos, Matt McBain and Justin Mayer. (Photo provided)

In Valparaiso, two more arborists from the city have become certified as Incidental Line Clearance Arborists utilizing the ACRT, Inc curriculum. ACRT is the largest licensed arboriculture training organization in North America. Justin Mayer and Anthony Santos with Valparaiso City Services have completed more than a year of training and passed both the written and field tests to earn their certifications, including training in aerial rescue, a news release from the city said. They complete Valpo’s arborist team, which includes ISA Certified Arborist Matt McBain, who serves as an administrative trainer with the ACRT and holds an advanced qualification for Tree Risk Assessment.

Valparaiso City Services’ arborists maintain Valparaiso’s urban forest, including more than 19,000 sites with over 11,000 trees throughout city parks, facilities and rights-of-way. “In addition to adding beauty, trees add value to properties as they contribute to cleaner air and water. The City’s arborists are dedicated professionals, adhering to ANSI A300 pruning standards, which are based on scientific principles of plant physiology, improving tree health and reducing the risk of personal or property damage caused by falling limbs or overgrowth,” the announcement said.

The city’s arborist team also assists in neighborhood tree planting events and community education. To learn more enter “Tree Division” in the search bar on the City of Valparaiso’s webpage at .