Valparaiso Introduces “Birds of Paradise”

A cardinal (soon to receive his red coat) will be one of the 10 birds featured in Valparaiso’s “Birds of Paradise”. The kick off celebration is set for May 13.

In Valparaiso, the city says a new activity takes flight this spring that highlights the work of local artists. “Birds of Paradise” features ten steel sculptures depicting native birds hidden in key locations throughout downtown Valparaiso. Each is an original by sculptor Chad Copeland and clues are in a coloring book of original bird illustrations by artist Melissa Washburn. The book, a pack of colored pencils and a prize for locating them all will all be available at the Valparaiso branch of the Porter County Public Library System.

Valparaiso’s Community Engagement Director Maggie Clifton, who introduced the idea, said it was designed to appeal to all ages and abilities. “Kids will enjoy the coloring pages and spotting the birds, some flying, some perched, some ready to appear in a selfie. Even serious birders will appreciate the QR code links in the book, linking to information and even an audio file of the bird’s unique song or call,” Clifton said.

The city partnered with the library system, Valparaiso Creative Council and Indiana Audubon Society to enhance the project. A kickoff event is coming up May 13th, 4 pm, at the Rotary Library Garden. To learn more about Birds of Paradise, including sponsorship opportunities, here’s a link for details at the City of Valparaiso’s website.